Haunted New Haven

Garrison Leykam, the author who traveled the Nutmeg State by motorcycle to bring readers Classic Diners of Connecticut, returns to the road once again to explore chilling tales of Haunted New Haven

Who is making those strange noises in the walls of the Shubert Theater?

What is the curse written in the message on Mary Hart’s tombstone?

Who is the spirit moving chairs in the Chart House restaurant?

What are those unexplained voices trying to tell us at Fort Nathan Hale?

Who is the child making those fingerprints on the walls of the abandoned Sterling Opera House?

Who are the three dark figures that guard the gate of the Pine Grove Cemetery?

Join Garrison (if you dare) as he explores firsthand the history and legends behind these hauntings and dozens of others. Haunted New Haven is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your favorite chair with the lights on. It’s a frightfully delightful book that will bring the New Haven area’s strangest, spookiest and best supernatural ghost stories right into your living room. Watch for Haunted New Haven…coming Halloween 2017!


Find, Free and Follow Your Passion

2013-10-31 09.45.02“There is an inner restlessness; an existential “itch” that desperately needs to be scratched.  Each of us is at the epicenter of a potential personal crisis of epic proportions. Most Americans hate their jobs and are holding on by their fingertips trying to survive each day at the office. A recent Gallup poll produced the alarming statistic that almost 70% of those surveyed either hate their jobs or are completely disengaged from the work they do. Our ability to grab onto the inner passion of our being and pull ourselves out of this career quicksand will determine the quality of our existence.” (from the forthcoming book by Garrison Leykam and Christopher Leykam)