The Latest Issue of Postcards is on Viewsstands

The latest issue of Postcards from the Highway of Life is on viewsstands! Get your helping of interesting stories and information that fit your travel, motorcycle and good food lifestyle served up by Garrison Leykam. Click here to read Postcards

Over twenty thousand miles of highways and main streets crisscross the state of Connecticut, inviting hungry travelers and locals into the more than one hundred diners that dot the roadways. Among these eateries are some of the most prized American classic diners manufactured by such legendary builders as DeRaffele, O’Mahony, Tierney and Kullman. Author Garrison Leykam hosts a road trip to Connecticut’s diners, celebrating local recipes and diner lingo–order up a #81, frog sticks or a Noah’s boy with Murphy carrying a wreath–as well as stories that make each diner unique. Tony’s Diner in Seymour still keeps pictures of the 1955 flood to always remember the tragedy the diner overcame. Stories like these–of tragedy, triumph, sanctuary, comfort and community–fill the pages in this celebration of classic and historic diners of the Nutmeg State. Order your copy

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