Garrison Leykam has been a senior executive at major corporations, including MCI Telecommunications, DSL.net and Grand Circle Travel. He’s recruited, coached and mentored hundreds of employees over his career. Garrison has designed front-line leadership training and career development programs for Oxford Health Plans and is a recognized keynote speaker and workshop leader.  His leadership abilities have been profiled on ESPN2’s “Extreme Magazine” TV program which followed him leading a wilderness outing for entrepreneurs in the White Mountains. 

Garrison has been head of recording studio operations and a producer for industry giant London Records, Inc. during the crest of the British wave of music working in several capacities with such renowned artists as The Moody Blues, Al Green, The Rolling Stones, John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, David Bowie, Van Morrison with Them, and ZZ Top and has been president of his own record label. As a singer-songwriter, he’s performed at legendary CBGBs in New York City and the iconic mecca for America’s premier songwriters, the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.

Garrison has been an AM News-Talk radio show host on the Cox Radio Network as well as Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys podcast radio show which garnered over two million listeners in its first year. He’s been featured in many motorcycle events and shows. Garrison was Producer and Host of the DINERS TV show for Connecticut Public Television (CPTV)  and author of Classic Diners of Connecticut which was recently featured in Connecticut Magazine.

Garrison has been featured in the MotoStars:  Celebrities + Motorcycles exhibit and book along with Brad Pitt, Carlos Mencia, Keith Urban, Peter Fonda and bands Journey, Rush and Foreigner. His TV documentary, Comic on a Half-Shell, profiled him learning to become a stand-up comedian and appearing at New York City’s famous Gotham Comedy Club.

He’s even found time to motorcycle across Egypt and North Africa writing about his experiences in a feature series for New York Rider magazine. 



Garrison has a Masters Degree in Psychology and a PhD in Marketing.  He is a Certified Professional Career Coach, Professional Member of the Connecticut Counseling Association (CCA), a Member of the Connecticut Career Counseling and Development Association (CCCDA) and a Member of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC).


“Don’t resign your life, DESIGN YOUR LIFE…AUDACIOUSLY!”

© 2017 Garrison Leykam LLC                    


with illustrations by Christopher Leykam
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 Professional Member, Connecticut Counseling Association (CCA)

Connecticut Career Counseling and Development Association (CCCDA)

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