Life Coach

  • Are you feeling stuck, looking to get ‘unstuck’?   
  • Do you need to make a decision, wanting to know it’s the right one?  
  • Are you feeling lost, looking for a sense of direction or purpose? 
  • Do you want more confidence, and to feel really good about yourself?       
  • Are you stressed or on the verge of burnout, looking for a way out? 
  • Do you want better relationships or better work life balance?      
  • Are you craving a fulfilling life that motivates and inspires you?
  • Do you want to overcome your fears so you can start living the life you want?       

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then life coaching is for you.

Life Coaching is a powerful process during which individuals gain clarity on what they want in life and how to achieve it. As your Certified Life Coach, I will show you that you already have all the resources you need inside of you to reach your goals. You will discover what’s most important to you, and learn how to align your life to your values for maximum fulfillment. Whatever your goal, I will help bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

 As your Certified Life Coach I will guide you in:

  • Identifying goals and defining a vision for success on your terms. What is it that truly drives you? What’s at the basis of your goals?
  • Then, we’ll identify barriers and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. What negative things have you been telling yourself? How have these patterns gotten in your way and how can you move past them?
  • We’ll set challenging, but achievable, goals. I’ll help you make sure that you are not settling for limited goals or being too negative by helping you align your long and short-term goals with your core values.
  • This will be followed by measuring your progress and identifying current and potential obstacles.
  • If your plan needs modification at any point, guide you to  empower yourself to stay committed.

∗ Discover your strengths, passions, dreams and purpose so you can start living the life you want

∗ Overcome any limiting beliefs, obstacles or fears so you can get ‘unstuck’ and move forward in your life

∗ Regain your confidence and self-esteem

∗ Have control over your emotions

∗ Develop and enhance your relationships – personal or professional

∗ Establish your goals and create an achievable action plan so you can start your journey to fulfillment

∗ Feel empowered to take control of your life

∗ Acknowledge and celebrate all of your achievements – past, present and future!

∗ Believe in yourself

The benefits of life coaching speak for themselves. No matter what your goal, life coaching will help you in more ways than you can imagine.

Early in my life and career I was inspired by American journalist George Plimpton, famous for advocating “participatory journalism:” to live life to the fullest and never regard it as a spectator sport. So far, my own life and career have included:

  • Highly-successful corporate leader in businesses ranging from $2.5M to $34.7B
  • Earned my PhD in Marketing, Masters in Psychology, and Bachelors degree while working full-time.
  • Producer, engineer, and A&R executive for industry giant London Records
  • President of indie record label and TV production company
  • Producer of legendary jazz pianist Erroll Garner, Greezy Wheels (Austin Music Hall of Fame), and chart-topping singer-songwriter Leslie Pearl
  • Worked with The Moody Blues, The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, and Al Green
  • Featured on ESPN2’s “Extreme Magazine” TV series
  • Performed at CBGBs, NYC’s famed venue of punk and new wave, and Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe, the world’s preeminent listening room. Garrison plays Taylor guitars exclusively.
  • Performed standup at NYC’s legendary Gotham Comedy Club
  • AM-News Talk radio Host/Producer for WSTC/WNLK (50k+ listeners)
  • Host/Producer of DINERS for Connecticut Public Television (21M+ viewers & 1.8M+ global podcast listens)
  • Author, Classic Diners of Connecticut (History Press)
  • Host/Producer of the TV documentary “Comic on a Half Shell” and the TV pilot “Backtrack America”
  • Commended by the Governor of Connecticut for attempting a summit of Mt. McKinley (20,310-feet)
    ‣ Featured in MotoStars: Celebrities + Motorcycles with Brad Pitt, Steve McQueen, Keith Urban, Peter Fonda, Tom Arnold, Journey, Rush, Foreigner
    ‣ Motorcycle trip across Egypt featured in New York Rider magazine

Let’s work together to create a fulfilled life for you!






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