Having a resume that (1.) incorporates achievement-oriented language to showcase your accomplishments and transferable skills, (2.) includes targeted keywords that make it easy for recruiters to identify you in databases and on social media, and (3.) is formatted to get you get past the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) is a job search prerequisite. Combined with a targeted cover letter, it’s a solid one-two punch for responding to posted job opportunities and getting prospective hiring managers interested enough to schedule you for an interview.


But, what about the hidden job market~ those millions of openings that never get formally posted but for which recruiters are sourcing LinkedIn for ideal candidates? Even if you aren’t actively seeking employment, a well-crafted LinkedIn profile can bring career opportunities to you IF it’s written to attract visitors. I can take your LinkedIn to its full potential and enable you to take your job search to the next level by helping you to get found on LinkedIn, motivate visitors to read your entire Profile, and stimulate them to take action after they discover you. Using LinkedIn to its full potential will produce results you never imagined.

88 of the Fortune 100 use LinkedIn’s software to search for job candidates. At least 97% of staffing professionals use LinkedIn as a recruiting tool. 89% of recruiters have hired someone through LinkedIn as opposed to 26% from Facebook and 15% from Twitter so LinkedIn is clearly the place to be active. 71% of job applicants who have a LinkedIn profile are more likely to get called for an interview.


80% of users are on LinkedIn for reasons other than job searching, including networking, interacting with peers and researching their industry and competition. Your company will have most of its interactions with users through employee profiles so your organization is already getting lots of clicks on LinkedIn. The challenge is for you to capitalize on these impressions so you can foster employee advocacy, showcase credibility, demonstrate employee experience, build trust, and strengthen online presence.

Check out my own LinkedIn success:

  • LinkedIn profile in Top 25 MA, PhD profiles in the United States
  • Top 1% LinkedIn Industry Social Selling Index (SSI), a tool that measures effectiveness at establishing professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights, and building relationships
  • All-Star: highest rating for LinkedIn profile.
  • In the 4% of LinkedIn members deemed a Super Connector



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