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Having a well-written résumé that showcases your skills, talents, and achievements is the starting point for a solid and successful career search.

One of the biggest hurdles you face is getting your résumé past the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) and seen by a hiring manager. When you send out a lot of résumés to apply for jobs and hear nothing back it can make you feel invisible, frustrated, and “not good enough.”

I understand how it feels to send out what seems like hundreds of résumés and not hear a response. It can make you doubt your talent and abilities and deflate your self-confidence. But, I can create a résumé that will get you past the ATS gatekeeper and present you as a top candidate for jobs you’re applying for.

I am a Certified Professional Career Coach, a Certified Professional Résumé Writer, a Certified Employment Interview Professional, and  a Forbes contributor. I’ve held the position of Director for a national search firm specializing in manufacturing, engineering, accounting, sales, aerospace, biotechnology, and science so I know from an insider’s experience which candidates get selected for interviews, which don’t, and why. But, it’s my clients’ testimonials about how I’ve been able to help them create powerful résumés that I am the most proud of. Here are just a few:

“(My resume) is terrific. This was so cool to read, I really didn’t believe it was me!” JH

“Garrison, the decision to work with you was probably the best decision I made in 2019. I feel that you are a top professional that will help me change my career. Your directions and tips and gold and I can’t than you enough.” RC

“(The cover letter) makes me sound like a rock star. Confident and awesome!!!! I love this.” JS

“Thank you for all the changes you’ve helped me with. I was really struggling before we spoke and you’ve turned my life around in such a quick amount of time. I just got an email from LinkedIn letting me know that I showed up in 75 searches by recruiters this week, 15 of them viewed my profile and 2 of them messaged me. And I actually had a successful interview today!” IA

“Thank you for the resume. You successfully conveyed my experience and abilities and reduced the size to allow a more executive focus. Thank you again for a great job.” RC

“Wow I love how you put this cover letter together. Thank you so much! I wanted to share the news that I have an interview for next Wednesday! “ VM

“Really do love what you’ve accomplished with the mess I sent you. Thanks again!” PP

“(The resume) looks FANTASTIC! Thank you so much!” MM

“(The resume) is excellent. Well done! I really like your agility.” PT   

“Holy Cow!! Thank you so very much. “ RK

“I had one (interview) today, a follow up phone call this coming Thursday, and two more phone screens this week.” TG

Thank you so much. (The cover letter) looks perfect!!!”  AK

“Garrison, WOW and Double WOW!! (My resume is) so well executed – you did an awesome job! It’s a winner! Thank you!” LB 

“The resume is AMAZING! Thank you so much!” JH

“After I sent my resume and cover letter, they responded later that very same day. We were able to do a phone interview and they will contact me in a day or so about the next step.” SD    

“I’m excited about the revisions and design of the resume! Much appreciated.” LS

“I landed the job. Formally accepted this week. Appreciate all of your help and patience!” JB

“WOW! (The resume) looks amazing!” JL

“Thank you very much for reviewing and editing my cover letter! It is wonderful! I am very impressed. Thank you.” MP

“Thank you very much for reviewing my resume and rewriting it. This is great! You have successfully captured the important messages and accomplishments, while make it more succinct.” MP

“Thank you. (The resume) looks great!” BP  

(The cover letter) “WOW! you make me sound like the perfect fit!” JJH 

“I was able to get a phone interview with both companies I sent to you.” SP

“I have my first response with the new resume and cover letter!” WooHoo! KD

“My resume and cover look great. I’m looking forward to putting them to good use.” VL

“I love (the cover letter).  You are a marvel!” KD

“Amazing. Excellent. I can’t believe how you were able to organize all of my career information into one document the way you did.” GT

“Best career coaching and interview preparation I could have experienced. Landed an interview in two weeks for a job that was a perfect fit for me AND GOT IT!” NF

“Looks great! You ARE the expert.” SG

“You did a tremendous job in crafting my new resume and cover letter. After I read it, I said ‘HIRE HER!!!’” TH

“I think (the resume) looks great. I really appreciate what you have done to bring the two pieces of past and future together.” MA

“Thanks to Garrison’s help, I have had 3 phone interviews so far. For one of these, I have an on-site interview next week.” SS

“Thanks for the follow-up and indeed I appreciate the quality of the cover letter and resume you created.” SK

I can provide you with a résumé that:

  1. Showcases your transferable skills and achievements and communicates the value you can bring to an organization
  2. Incorporates targeted keywords that make it easy for recruiters to identify you in databases and on social media
  3. Utilizes a format that helps you get past the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

And, I will write a Cover Letter for the first job you apply for with your new résumé that presents you as the ideal candidate for the position and personally coach you on how to draft your own  powerful, ATS-crashing Cover Letter for future applications.

With a solid résumé and a strong Cover Letter your success in finding meaningful work will greatly increase and you will feel focused and confident in your career search.

Don’t let your résumé continue to be lost in the black hole of job searching and never get seen by the hiring manager. Stop the endless wheel of sending out résumés and getting no response. Don’t let other candidates get selected to interview for jobs you’re equally or more qualified for.

Let’s collaborate on moving you from being an increasingly frustrated and pessimistic job seeker losing confidence in the marketability of your skills and experience to a marketable career candidate who is energized and optimistic about the value you can bring to an organization.


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