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Garrison Leykam, PhD, aka The Résumé Rider, is a Certified Professional Career Coach, Member of The Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches and personal branding expert.

His book, DESIGN YOU, is a guide for career reinvention based upon his own career reinvention success as a business executive, TV & radio host, author, record producer and stand up comedian.

Garrison has recruited, hired, trained, managed and mentored hundreds of employees across a decades-long career leading major corporations. As director of a national professional staffing firm he knows firsthand why some candidates get selected for interviews and others don’t and how to navigate the job search road. Garrison has been featured in the Boston Sunday Globe, Spotlight and Training & Development and profiled on ESPN2’s “Extreme Magazine” TV series.

Garrison’s passion for helping others succeed in their careers is shared by his passion for two wheels. He motorcycled the more than twenty thousand miles of highways and main streets that crisscross the state of Connecticut to write Classic Diners of Connecticut for The History Press and produced and hosted DINERS for Connecticut Public Television (CPTV).

His trademark sense of adventure led to his motorcycling across Egypt which was chronicled in a two-part series for New York Rider magazine. Garrison is featured in the “MotoStars: Celebrities + Motorcycles” exhibit and book with Brad Pitt, Carlos Mencia, Keith Urban, Peter Fonda, Journey, Rush and Foreigner.

“Be prepared to expand your horizons when you have the pleasure of working with Garrison.” FT

“Best career coaching and interview preparation I could have experienced. Landed an interview in two weeks for a job that was a perfect fit for me AND GOT IT!” NF

“You did a tremendous job in crafting my new resume and cover letter. After I read it, I said ‘HIRE HER!!!’” TH

“Garrison was instrumental in forging me ahead and understanding all the diverse sides to job seeking and selling myself.” MG

“I truly enjoyed the time I spent working with and learning from Garrison and am a better person for having done so.” AL

“Thanks to Garrison’s help, I have had 3 phone interviews so far. For one of these, I have an on-site interview next week.” SS

“Thanks for the follow-up and indeed I appreciate the quality of the cover letter and resume you created.” SK

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