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WSTC 1400 - WNLK 1350WSTC & WNLK news-talk AM radio (on the Cox Radio Network) gave me my introduction to becoming an on-air, talk show personality, interviewer and producer.  I grew the show’s regional listener base to 50,000+ and was featured in the internationally-marketed Pepsi Refresh Project. I had the wonderful opportunity to book and talk with so many incredible people.

Garrison Leykam, Host & Producer, Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys
Garrison Leykam, Host & Producer, Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys

Seeing the rise in podcasting, I re-branded Conversation Crossroad to focus on two of my passions: diners and motorcycles, renamed the show Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys and took the program from broadcast to podcast growing the listener base to OVER TWO MILLION utilizing social media alone.

When you do you what you love it’s amazing how many people you find who share the same interests! Here’s a sample:

 “It was an absolute pleasure to be featured on Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys. Garrison is truly a delight to speak with, you can tell that he is man built on passion which clearly fuels his purpose. The media could use more Garrison’s in the world, those who take the time to know their subject and able to get to the heart of them…bringing out the very best in everyone! I look forward to our next meeting on this road of life, till then, Throttle Up!” ~Kelly Quinn aka ‘Throttle Girl’ Professional Motorcycle Rider, Industry Endorsed Spokeswoman and Philanthropist, Founder of Throttle Girl Enterprises

“What makes Garrison stand out from other radio and podcast interviewers is his unique ability to draw out the best stories from his guests.  His masterful preparation melts away any distance between the guest and the audience until one feels like they are sitting in a booth at a favorite diner listening to dear friends reminisce after years apart.” Jay Samit, business icon, entrepreneur thought leader and author of Disrupt You!


“Garrison Leykam” is so good at what he does as an interviewer and host of a radio show, that I immediately forgot that he was a stranger interviewing me for a talk show! He does his homework so well, that I got the feeling he was an old friend from days gone by, and we were just sitting in a diner somewhere reminiscing about the old days. He knew things about me I had forgotten myself, and was very good at bringing out the highlights of my journeys gone by. His good ethics and morals came shining through his own words, and he led the conversations down inspiring roads. Garrison himself is inspired by the simple good stories he sees happening around him, and has a talent for sharing those with the rest of the world. I am proud to call Garrison a friend.” Betsy Huelskamp, Discovery Channel’s “Motorcycle Women,” National Geographic’s “Hell on Wheels” and TLC’s “Faking It.”

“In the past year, I’ve done 160+ podcast interviews to promote my book Stand Out. Garrison Leykam was one of the best hosts I encountered. It’s clear he does his homework, and asks detailed and thoughtful questions that dig deeper than usual. It was a great conversation and provides real value to listeners.” -Dorie Clark, author of Stand Out and Reinventing You and adjunct professor, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Find out why Stand Out was named the #1 Leadership Book of 2015 by Inc. magazine



“I was quite impressed by Garrison, a great interviewer.” Acting legend Edward “Ed” Asner


“Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys was so much fun! I had a great time speaking with Garrison. He made me laugh and feel really comfortable.” Supermodel, actress and PETA activist Elisabetta Canalis

“It was such a pleasure to chat with Garrison, an informed and enthusiastic host who really listens!” Jon Herington, Steely Dan



“It was an absolute pleasure to be on the show. I will have trouble visiting a diner or riding (“crashing”) a motorcycle without thinking of ‘Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys.’” Erin Ryder, SYFY’s “Destination Truth” and National Geographic’s “Chasing UFOs”

“I loved talking to Garrison about bikes, planes and comedy and I appreciate him not trying to be funnier than me!” Renowned comedian, actor and biker Alonzo Bodden, Grand prize winner and judge on “Last Comic Standing”

Heather Sinn 12 “I love this show! Garrison is an awesome host as well as a wonderful, caring person! I am so appreciative to have had the honor of being on the show twice! Thanks! You are the best!” Heather Sinn, world-renowned tattoo artist featured on the hit TV series “Ink Master”




 “(Garrison) was very well prepared and asked great questions. It was a most pleasant experience and the time was over before I knew it.” Dr. Charles M. Falco, experimental physicist and curator of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s “The Art of the Motorcycle” exhibit



“I had the honor of being interviewed by the illuminating, coruscating, auroral Garrison. His cognition to blend comedy with drama in his questions was so refreshing. He knew more about me than I do! Never has an interviewer made me feel more comfortable. My respect for him is immeasurable.” Actress Laurene Landon (“Airplane II,” “I, The Jury,” “All The Marbles,” “Hundra,” “Maniac Cop”)

“Garrison is like a biker buddy you’ve ridden with for years. It was great fun to hang out and swap stories from the road with him.” Paul James, Director of Consumer Influence and Product Communications, Harley-Davidson

It was a pleasure being interviewed by Garrison. He provided me an opportunity that is often rare on radio — the chance to fully explore an issue with very lengthy responses.” Noted journalist Julie Halpert (Newsweek, The New York Times, The Huffington Post,, AARP Bulletin,, Parents, MORE and Family Circle, The Fiscal Times, Advertising Age, Automotive News, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, iVillage, Redbook, Scholastic Parent & Child, Technology Review)

“Food, bikes and music…what more is there?” Carl Verheyen, Supertramp

Dan Grizzly Adams Haggerty“Thanks for the great time, brother. Your friendship means a lot to me!” Dan ‘Grizzly Adams’ Haggerty



 “Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys remains one of the freshest interviews I have done on my book tour. Garrison’s energy is infectious and reminds us all that mindfulness lurks everywhere-on a bike, at a table, in a diner. Great radio show that reminds us all to find the pleasure in the moments and that we have a lot more in common than we think!” Dr. Ramani Durvasula, Dr. Oz, Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers, the Today Show, Anderson Cooper

jackie collins 5“Thank you for one of the best interviews I’ve ever had. You certainly do your homework and you kept me on my toes!” Internationally-renowned best-selling author Jackie Collins

“Motorcycle Design and Classic Diners… how many people can put such thoughts together and make sense?  Is this a new kind of Brotherhood?  Sure was fun.  Thanks for having me.” Craig Vetter, legendary motorcycle designer and AMA Hall of Famer

“Thank you so much for interviewing me. Garrison, you are a terrific interviewer and it was a pleasure being on your show. I appreciate your generous spirit.” Alexandra Paul, Baywatch TV star, actress, athlete and activist



“Thanks, Garrison, for the trip down memory lane and for the lessons there we all need to remember. Life is an adventure, a dream to be lived, and shared with others.” Pat Simmons, founder and lead guitarist of The Doobie Brothers

 “It was so refreshing to be interviewed by someone who has taken the time to ask such well thought out and interesting questions. Hanging out with Garrison is a great way to start the day. Let’s ride!” Danielle Vasinova, motorcyclist and actress (“The Young and the Restless,” “Dexter,” NBC’s “The Philanthropist”)

 Dear Garrison, Thank you for having me. I`m really impressed and it was so much fun to talk to you. Honestly, I want to thank you for my first interview in the U.S. I’m so excited about it.”  World-renowned actress Saralisa Volm (“Hotel Desire,” “Dancing with the Devils” and “Finale)





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