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WSTC 1400 - WNLK 1350WSTC & WNLK news-talk AM radio (on the Cox Radio Network) gave me my introduction to becoming an on-air, talk show personality, interviewer and producer.  I grew the show’s regional listener base to 50,000+ and was featured in the internationally-marketed Pepsi Refresh Project. I had the wonderful opportunity to book and talk with so many incredible people.

Garrison Leykam, Host & Producer, Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys
Garrison Leykam, Host & Producer, Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys

Seeing the rise in podcasting, I re-branded Conversation Crossroad to focus on two of my passions: diners and motorcycles, renamed the show Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys and took the program from broadcast to podcast growing the listener base to OVER TWO MILLION utilizing social media alone.

When you do you what you love it’s amazing how many people you find who share the same interests! Here’s a sample:



"You've had such a varied and impressive career. It's awesome to read about your adventures and reinventions and how you're now helping others do the same," branding expert Dorie Clark, author of Reinventing You, Stand Out and Entrepreneurial You

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