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Keep asking “What’s next?” and pursue it relentlessly!

Aging is not a fate unless we volitionally choose to regard it as such.

I don’t!

Never have. Never will.

I learned decades ago from George Plimpton, American journalist, writer, literary editor, actor and amateur sportsman, to be part of life and not a spectator of it…at every age.

My decades in the music business as a producer, engineer, performer, and songwriter brought me in touch with superstars who continue to influence me through my career rear view window, especially in my seventh decade on this wonderful planet:

Chuck Berry: On his 90th birthday he debuted a new album.

Tony Bennett: Entered his tenth decade teamed with Lady Gaga and maintained a busy touring schedule while holding on to his persona as a king of croon.

Willie Nelson: He may remain irascible, but his prodigious outflow of new albums shows he’s in a motivated mindset.

John Mayall: Long considered the father of British blues, he’s grandfathered many of England’s most prodigal sons —Eric Clapton, Mick Taylor, Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood and Jack Bruce. He still tours relentlessly and, equally impressively, still blows a mean harmonica.

Buddy Guy: One of the few remaining true blues icons, he’s still out on the road in his 80s, showing the same grit and confidence in his fretwork as he did when he famously chummed around with Jimi Hendrix. Eric Clapton once declared, “Buddy Guy was to me what Elvis was for others.”

Ringo Starr: As hard as it is to imagine there’s a Beatle in his 70’s, his All Starr band is still stable 30 years on.

Bob Dylan: At an age when most senior citizens have long since retired, Dylan continues to tour relentlessly, pausing only to take time to accept his recently awarded Nobel Prize for Literature.

So, WTF regarding retirement. Been there. Done that. Uninspiring. I’d rather keep asking “What’s next?” and pursue it relentlessly!


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