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Garrison’s Classic Diners of Connecticut is published by The History Press

DINERS book overview

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See Garrison’s photos, check out his Top 5 Diner picks and learn classic diner lingo in Connecticut Magazine







“Garrison Leykam in his wonderful and erudite Postcards from the Highway of Life has done a beautiful capturing of America the Beautiful.  His work demonstrates how this country at that time produced the Greatest Generation….”  Ed Asner, Actor and winner of seven Emmy Awards

“Garrison Leykam sets his sights on real life, and in the process illuminates the process (and wonder) of living itself.”  Christine Ohlman, “The Beehive Queen”/Vocalist, member of The Saturday Night Live Band

“Garrison Leykam is inspired by the simple good stories he sees happening around him, and has a talent for sharing those with the rest of the world….”  Betsy Huelskamp, Discovery Channel’s Motorcycle Women and National Geographic’s Hell on Wheels

“Garrison Leykam’s essays provide windows to the past, present and future.   His ‘postcards’ are a reminder that each of us is on a journey and make some interesting stops along the way.  It’s equal parts parenting guide, existential call to arms, travelogue and autobiography infused with Americana, nostalgia, wisdom, and wit.”  Dr. Ramani Durvasula, Professor of Psychology, California State University, Los Angeles, and regular media commentator and contributor to CNN, HLN, E! Network, Bravo

“Coffee and pondering a great question in an old diner.  A place where many such problems have been considered over the years.  I just know that I am in good company.”  Craig Vetter, American designer and inventor

“A reminder of how quickly we forget to appreciate some of the simpler joys of living. A pertinent look at the not too distant past.”  John Mayall

“Thank you for capturing where to find our ‘authenticity’ again!”  Pat “Hitch” Hickey, NHL hockey player with the New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs and St. Louis Blues

“Postcards from the Highway of Life has brought back so many memories of my childhood growing up in the Northeast. How many times we stopped at the local diner. Countless! Leykam has helped me to remember the days of magic when we were young that anything was possible and all we needed was imagination to get us there. I remember sitting in the booth listening to the jukebox of favorite songs playing back then. It was a time of what we consider today simplistic but oh how we thought long and hard about being the masters of our destiny. …Garrison is a good man with great values and I applaud [him] for writing this.”  Tony Senzamici, Actor and Founder of The Amici Charity

“The convivial spirit, inspiration and passion for music, family, art, food and vehicles shared in Garrison’s newest book Postcards From The Highway of Life is tangible.  As a true friend in real life, he conveys that same optimism! I now have a new appreciation for the minutia of the past as well as an enlightened realization of the future. He is a natural conversationalist who has invited us to sit with him on the porch and enjoy his insightful journey.  Postcards would truly make an endearingly wonderful movie.”  Deven Green, comedian, performer, and musician

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