Record Producer

As a performer in my college years, I played the local coffee house circuit alternating nights with fellow Iona College classmate Don McLean and opened on the steps of Cardinal Spellman Hall for The Beach Boys and The Four Tops. New York City clubs like Malachy’s II beckoned me into the Big Apple. I started adding original songs to my repertoire of covers and penned a few ones good enough to get me a songwriter contract with Burlington-Felsted, the publishing division of recording industry giant London Records, Inc. Shortly thereafter, I was asked to join the A&R team at London.

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I had the wonderful opportunity during the height of the British wave of music to have worked with such artists as The Moody Blues, Dave Edmunds, John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, VanMorrison with Them, Al Green, ZZ Top…the list goes on. I went on to produce legendary jazz pianist Erroll Garner, chart-topping singer-songwriter Leslie Pearl, Armadillo World Headquarters house band Greezy Wheels and many others. I was blessed to attend and graduate from The Institute of Audio Research and to study under such audio greats as Albert Grundy and John Woram.

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I’ve been blessed to perform at legendary CBGBs in New York City and the world-renowned Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.

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