Low-Life Common Thief

goorin-brosI am passionate about entrepreneurs and people pursuing their dreams. That’s why today I was visiting Goorin Bros. The Goorin family has been selling well-crafted hats since 1895 and their presence at 337 Bleecker Street in the West Village of New York City is a real millinery treat.

thiefA little after 3pm today while in the store I saw this man and the woman he was with walking out with expensive hats without paying for them. THEY STOLE THEM! They split up after leaving the store but I snagged a photo of him with the stolen merchandise.

price-tagThe price tag is still on the hat!

I showed the photo to the store clerk and he said they hadn’t paid. He called the owner who contacted the police and they have been given the photo.  Shortly after, they fled speeding down Bleecker Street in a red SUV, almost hitting people and going through a red light.

We need to be a community of people who care about and look after each other. Should you recognize the common thief please let the folks at Goorin Bros. know:

337 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10014


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