Trump’s Failure at Reinventing Himself

donald-trump-2The recent release of a video showing Donald Trump speaking of women in vulgar sexual terms delivered a punishing blow to his campaign and plunged the Republican party into a crisis just week’s before the election. It was not this single video that did Trump in. Relying purely on his ego and an inflated sense of self, Donald Trump believed he could reinvent himself as a viable candidate for President of the United States without following the essential rules of reinvention:

Use Your Past to Create Your Future: Whereas successful reinventors rely on their strengths to follow their true passions into the future, Trump would have preferred to hide his past from the very people he was asking to trust and invest in him. His arrogance most notably shows itself when his public persona is challenged.

Put in the Work: What clearly came across in the first Presidential debate against Hillary Clinton is that Trump believed he could “wing it” without preparing; that somehow his celebrity status was a free pass that magically brought with it the credibility to debate his ability to lead the country.

Challenge Your Relevancy:  Simply knowing the buzz words for the pain and needs of the American people and parroting them back is not being relevant. Without original thoughts and true solutions to the crises facing America, Trump does not offer a realistic ROV (Return on Vote) with which he can distinguish himself. Trump comes off as someone who really doesn’t care enough to be an expert on the issues. For him, it’s just about the win.

Be Real…Not Reality TV: Only by being authentic and bridling your passion to deliver positive results that benefit everyone can anyone truly impact the world and each person in it. Authenticity is essential.

Don’t Reinvent Yourself Alone: Anyone who has successfully traveled up  reinvention road knows intimately the need to rely on others’ advice and support. He’s completely ignored the mentors who were available to him.

Ironically, for a man who relies on publicly repeating his private sector successes as a businessperson and entrepreneur, Donald Trump breaks every rule of reinvention only to reveal himself as anything but the goods he’s trying to sell America.

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