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 victoria-redstall-2Garrison’s guest in this segment is diversely talented, immensely successful and incontrovertibility outspoken Victoria Redstall. She is a true crime author, producer,  public speaker, investigative journalist and print and spokesmodel for many of the world’s leading brands.

Victoria has a knack for understanding people from all walks of life and wants to bring back the ‘human connection” to this world. She is also a mentor for young girls teaching them to have high morals, values and self respect which Victoria underscores as being out of fashion in the world today.

s_img02-204x300Her latest book on her ‘exclusive interviews’ with the ‘alleged’ Grim Sleeper including the coverage of the Trial, will be released this year. Although Victoria has been commissioned to write 4 books on serial killers, she also works ‘under the radar’ with the opposite kinds of inmates and helps in freeing the ‘wrongly convicted’ who have been victims of a corrupt American Justice System.


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serialkillersand pick up a copy of Serial Killers Up Close and Very Personal: My Death Row Interviews with the Most Dangerous Men on the Planet by Victoria Redstall who has spent years visiting high-security prisons getting to know sadistic killers like Gary Ray Bowles and Keith Hunter Jesperson, “The Happy Face Killer.” These hardened killers have opened up to her in a way that they would never do to psychiatrists, prosecutors, or other authority figures, and have revealed terrifying chapters of their lives that might otherwise have stayed hidden forever. In this chilling book, Victoria shares every detail and insight, bringing the reader up close and very personal with some of the most dangerous and disturbed serial killers that the world has ever seen.


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