What the Plumen 001 light bulb and career reinvention have in common

As far back as I can remember, my life and career have been influenced by something an industrial designer created. My Austin Healey “bug eyes” Sprite gave me my first high school taste of freedom and independence, my Silvertone 1448 electric guitar with an amplifier built into the case was my gateway into the world of rock & roll and my custom motorcycle fueled my ability to design a career path based on my passions.


If you look around, everything that surrounds you was created by an industrial designer and each design was the answer to a problem. And, design thinking itself has been the bedrock of my work with my career coaching clients: creating meaningful careers by design. 

Design thinking can help you solve your own career reinvention problems to create a life that is more meaningful, more joyful, and more fulfilling. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you are in your job now. You can apply the same design thinking that has created the most amazing products and technology to design your own career.

To DESIGN YOU and reinvent your career is a generative process that continuously renews itself and is constantly creative, productive, and fulfilling. And, it rewards you with more than you put into it!

Samuel Wilkinson transformed the everyday light bulb by twisting fluorescent glass tubes twist around each other in an organic yet harmonious way, giving the bulb a different silhouette depending on where you stand. As an added value, the aesthetic appeal of this brilliant industrial design uses 80% less energy than an incandescent bulb!

Imagine using less energy to climb out of bed every morning to go to an unfulfilling job by designing a career that enables you to play to your talents and live a meaningful life!


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