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Kelley Buttrick on DESIGN YOU Radio

Welcome to DESIGN YOU~                                                                                  The show about people pursuing their passions.

Photo by Pitter Goughnour, Pitter Productions

Garrison’s guest in this segment is Kelley Buttrick. When major brands like McDonald’s, Amtrak, Toys R Us, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Whirlpool, JC Penney and Michelin Tires want to tell their story they rely on Kelley to give it a voice.

A world-recognized voiceover artist, her route to becoming a successful solopreneur involved serial reinventions in singing, theater, DJ’ing, broadcast advertising, public relations, journalism and media. A Telly Awards winner, Kelleyt’s journey to the top of her industry has many lessons learned along the way that are invaluable to anyone pursuing their passion. Continue reading Kelley Buttrick on DESIGN YOU Radio