Archetypal Thought for Entrepreneurs and Reinventors

carl-jung-2In Jungian psychology, an archetype is a collectively inherited unconscious idea or pattern of thought that is universally present in individual psyches. A defining archetypal trait of successful entrepreneurs and persons who reinvent themselves can be argued to be authenticity of self.

Swiss psychiatrist and Founder of Analytical Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung, used the ingredients of psychiatry, philosophy, anthropology, archaeology, literature, and religious studies to develop the central concept of Analytical Psychology and human development: individuation- the psychological process of integrating opposites while still maintaining their relative autonomy.

For many persons, what they are doing today and who they are destined to become can be polar opposites. The journey to self-realization is discovered and realized through entrepreneurism and reinvention from which the undiscovered self comes to realize who he or she truly is. And, Jung celebrated the result of such self-discovery:

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

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