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Take A Career Lesson from Indie Artists

Only you can manage your career. It used to be when the world was younger that the company you worked for would train you, promote you from within, and basically take care of you all the way to retirement. That dream has ended. It is up to you and you alone to know what you want your next job to be, in what industry, what skills you need, what certifications are required, and how much education is essential. Continue reading Take A Career Lesson from Indie Artists

Your Job Title Can Make Your Resume a Hit

Among the platinum-selling songs that Jimmy Webb has written are “Up, Up and Away”, “By the Time I Get to Phoenix”, “Wichita Lineman”, “Galveston”, “Worst That Could Happen”, “All I Know”, and “MacArthur Park”. Inherent to his songwriting genius is that he always starts with the song title before writing a single lyric. For Webb, lyrics are constructed to tell a clear story based upon the title. So, too, résumés. Continue reading Your Job Title Can Make Your Resume a Hit

How To Ask About Company Culture in a Job Interview

Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall in their engaging book Nine Lies About Work have demonstrated through extensive international research with major companies that the idea of a company culture is “useful fiction” in that it can’t explain one’s experience of work. “So strong is our identification with our ‘tribe’ (team) that it’s hard for us to imagine that other people inside our company are having a completely different experience of ‘tribe’ than ours. Yet they are-and these local team experiences have far more bearing on whether we stay in the tribe (company) or leave it than do our tribal (cultural) stories.” Continue reading How To Ask About Company Culture in a Job Interview

The Ring of Your Resume

The purpose of a résumé is to generate interest in scheduling the interview and, as such, is like the trailer to a movie: give the prospective employer enough to readily see your candidacy “fit” and motivate them to schedule you for an interview to learn more. That is where and when you can drill-down. A good trailer excites potential filmgoers just enough to make them want to go see the movie without giving away all the details. The same goes for a résumé. The running time of the movie trilogy The Ring was 11.2 hours. The trailer ran a mere 1:49. The film grossed $2.9 billion. Continue reading The Ring of Your Resume

Here’s Why You Should Update Your Resume Now

If the most recent version of your resume is on a floppy disc in that lower drawer of your desk that you only venture into when it’s the place of last resort for finding something you’ve lost, it’s definitely time to update it (as well as save it on the Cloud!).

If you’re like most professionals, you only update your resume when you choose to or have to begin a new job search. When you’re at one job for several years, you can become comfortable and forget what areas of professional growth were important to you as a job seeker. Updating your resume regularly can expose the gaps in your skills and experience and reinvigorate your desire for career self-improvement. There are compelling reasons to regularly review your resume to ensure it’s ready to use at a moment’s notice. Here’s why: Continue reading Here’s Why You Should Update Your Resume Now


Narrative psychology, a term was introduced by Theodore R. Sarbin in Narrative Psychology: The Storied Nature of Human Conduct , investigates the value of stories and storytelling in giving meaning to individuals’ experiences. It’s an especially relevant topic for job seekers, especially late blooming career changers, when it comes to writing your summary for your LinkedIn About section. According to legendary film professor Howard Suber, “You seek your destiny; you succumb to your fate. Destiny originates within the self; fate comes from outside. Fate is the force that lies beyond individual will and control; it pushes you from behind. Destiny is the attracting force in front of you that acts like a magnet and that you choose to acquire.” Controlling your career destiny should shape the story you tell in your LinkedIn Profile About section. Continue reading NARRATIVE PSYCHOLOGY AND YOUR LINKEDIN CAREER STORY


I love motorcycling. Riding has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager. The joy of traversing the terra firma on two wheels has continued well into my adulthood and motivated me to ride over twenty thousand miles of highways and main streets crisscrossing the state of Connecticut to research Classic Diners of Connecticut for The History Press. Continue reading IS YOUR CAREER A SELF-DRIVING CAR OR AN OPEN ROAD MOTORCYCLE