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The Signs of a Possible Layoff

In today’s economic climate, many companies are struggling to maintain their profitability and stay afloat. Unfortunately, this often means that they must resort to layoffs in order to cut costs. If you are concerned about your job security, it is important to be aware of the signs that a layoff is imminent. Here are some of the most common indicators that your company may be considering a layoff. Continue reading The Signs of a Possible Layoff

Entrepreneurism in 2023: The Other Career Path

Entrepreneurship in 2023 is likely to be characterized by a continuation of trends that have been emerging in recent years, including the rise of technology-enabled businesses, the increasing importance of sustainability and social impact, and the growing popularity of remote work. Continue reading Entrepreneurism in 2023: The Other Career Path

Negotiate the Remote Job You Want

Working remotely has emerged as one of the benefits workers value most in employment, especially in achieving work-life balance. A  Morning Consult survey revealed that 87% of respondents want some form of remote work and almost 50% will consider leaving a role without access to at least partial virtual work. The new work-life integration is having a significant impact on the future of the workplace. But one mistake I see job seekers make is limiting their search criteria specifically to “remote” opportunities. Don’t narrow your search. Apply for the position that resonates with you, get to the interview, secure the offer, then negotiate remote work as a win-win situation for you and your employer. Here are a few guidelines: Continue reading Negotiate the Remote Job You Want

The Post Covid 19 Leader

Even the most recent articles on management compare this century to the one prior in demonstrating how the principles, processes, and practices of business leadership have evolved. However, Covid-19 has so pervaded the organizational zeitgeist that any student of management must look at the pandemic as a pervasive leadership game changer warranting separate yet equally impactful considerations. Continue reading The Post Covid 19 Leader

Networking on LinkedIn ~ Take the Polar Bear Plunge

The polar bear plunge is held during the winter when participants enter a body of water despite the extremely low temperature. For LinkedIn members who have used the premier business networking site as just another online place to download their résumé, putting their toes into the networking waters often freezes them into inactivity.

Continue reading Networking on LinkedIn ~ Take the Polar Bear Plunge

5 Questions to Ask Yourself about Remote Work

1. What are the differences between remote work, distributed workforce, work from home, virtual job, work from anywhere, telecommute, and agile workforce? Your answer is crucial to targeting your job search and using the right keywords.

2. Does my concept of remote work allow for business trips and meeting clients in person? While COVID-19 has reframed much of the way this is done, take nothing for granted and get clarification. Continue reading 5 Questions to Ask Yourself about Remote Work