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The Hidden Secret to Growing Inside Your Comfort Zone

The single most powerful predictor of performance is the sense that a person has the opportunity to use his or her strengths every day at work. Research from the Gallup Organization has demonstrated that negative feedback is 40X more effective as a team leadership approach than zero feedback. But, positive attention is 30X more powerful than negative attention and 1,200X more impactful than ignoring people. So, if paying attention to what people can’t do is a leader’s typical default strategy and attention is directed at giving negative feedback, there’s a lot of human potential being left on the table. Continue reading The Hidden Secret to Growing Inside Your Comfort Zone


Let’s pretend for a moment you and I are taking a road trip. The luggage is secured, snacks are within reach, the GPS is plugged in and the gas tank is filled. You lean over to me and ask, “Are you ready?” I respond, “No” and proceed to get out of the car, select the screwdriver from my Swiss army knife and remove the side mirrors. I reenter the cabin and you yell, “Are you crazy?” to which I unaffectedly respond with, “Oops, forgot this one” and remove the inside rearview mirror as well. You have now deemed me certifiably crazy as well as a significant safety hazard. I account for my actions with, “We’re not here to look back and see where we’ve been but rather to experience where we’re going” and I toss the GPS out the window.


Erroll Garner’s message about meaningful work

I had the honor and pleasure of handling production for legendary jazz pianist Erroll Garner for London Records. Known for his signature playing style that involved his right hand playing behind the beat while his left strummed a steady rhythm and punctuation, his words were music to my ears and continue to inspire me: Continue reading Erroll Garner’s message about meaningful work