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I can’t remember a time in my life and career when I wasn’t in perpetual forward motion. I’ve been a producer for London Records, done stand-up comedy at NYC’s Gotham Comedy Club, produced and hosted for public television and broadcast radio, been a senior exec for several major corporations, been profiled on ESPN2’s Extreme Magazine for extreme leadership & team building, performed at legendary CBGBs and Nashville’s Bluebird Café and authored several books. And, the one lesson I’ve the learned the most deeply: NEVER LOOK BACK! Continue reading ALWAYS BE IN PERPETUAL FORWARD MOTION

You Have to Thrive, Not Simply Survive, During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty in every facet of our personal and professional lives. It’s quite easy right now to live in survival mode. And, while it is necessary to take care of ourselves and our significant others, when it comes to managing your career you have to not just survive but thrive. It is precisely in the face of challenge that we can find the greatest opportunity. You just need to look for it. Continue reading You Have to Thrive, Not Simply Survive, During COVID-19

Michelangelo and your Career Success

When we start the day we want to feel excited and motivated and inspired about what’s in store for us. We want to feel energized by the work we’re going to do, where we’re going to do it and who will be impacted by the value we bring. We want all our cylinders burning to fill the day with meaning and accomplishment. Unless those feelings are present in us when our feet touch the floor as we get out of bed, it’s a sure thing that the day will be unrewarding…and the one after that…and the one after that.

Continue reading Michelangelo and your Career Success