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Heads Up on Resume Headers

You may not be familiar with names like iCIMS, Bullhorn and Ascendify, but these software gatekeepers  decide whether your resume or online application is passed through to a hiring manager or discarded. Commonly referred to by their acronym, ATS, Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) compares submitted resumes and online applications to job postings to determine whether there is a strong candidate match to what the employer is looking for.  Resumes and online applications are stored in a database and recruiters can search submissions using keywords and phrases to identify who to advance through the hiring process based upon applicant rankings. Avoid this one critical mistake so many job seekers make on their resume! Continue reading Heads Up on Resume Headers

Know Your Job Candidate Value and Keep It “Above the Fold”

Job security is not a “thing.” It’s a person: YOU. And your experience and achievements are your brand story that your resume needs to convey. It should answer the hiring manager’s question, “Why is this candidate the ideal person I’m looking for and how can she or he solve the challenge I have?” 
Don’t get bogged down with creating a laundry list of “stuff” you’ve done. Focus on achievements, promotions, accomplishments, take charge opportunities you seized upon, skills, education, and certifications relevant to the position and industry you want to go after. And, quantify them whenever possible. In the early days of publishing, ‘above the fold’ was a term used for content that appeared on the top half of the front page of a newspaper. The same positioning applies to resumes. Be brief. Recruiters average 6-11 seconds looking at a resume so make sure your value is communicated “above the fold.”

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Job Searching During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While the world comes to terms with the COVID-19 pandemic, the job search landscape is being redefined and redrafted in real time. There’s no YouTube “how-to” manual for dealing with this all pervasive new challenge as it impacts your career search. However, I can offer you some constructive feedback from my most recent conversations with hiring managers and recruiters. Read the article here.

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