5 Questions to Ask Yourself about Remote Work

1. What are the differences between remote work, distributed workforce, work from home, virtual job, work from anywhere, telecommute, and agile workforce? Your answer is crucial to targeting your job search and using the right keywords.

2. Does my concept of remote work allow for business trips and meeting clients in person? While COVID-19 has reframed much of the way this is done, take nothing for granted and get clarification.

3. Do I find remote job postings that include “unlimited earning potential” and “investment opportunities” intriguing? Anything that requires giving your Social Security number, birth date, or personal financials is most likely a scam. Check with the Better Business Bureau and FTC. Scams are spreading faster than the virus.

4. Do I have previous remote working experience? Even if it wasn’t called that, your experience may very well include times when you collaborated on a project across regions and utilized technology to do so. Highlight your remote-specific expertise with web and videoconferencing tools, online chat programs, and document sharing.

5. Am I skilled in time task management, self-motivated, accountable, and comfortable with technology? If so, prospective employers want to know.

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