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The proliferation of Covid-driven hybrid work solutions and remote work opportunities are dwindling fast. WSJ’s Ray Smith reports that many prospective workers who were determined to get a remote job just a few months ago are hitting a wall. In a nutshell, fewer employers now feel the need to lure talent with the promise of working from home. Continue reading WORK FROM HOME OPPORTUNITIES EVAPORATING

Negotiate the Remote Job You Want

Working remotely has emerged as one of the benefits workers value most in employment, especially in achieving work-life balance. A  Morning Consult survey revealed that 87% of respondents want some form of remote work and almost 50% will consider leaving a role without access to at least partial virtual work. The new work-life integration is having a significant impact on the future of the workplace. But one mistake I see job seekers make is limiting their search criteria specifically to “remote” opportunities. Don’t narrow your search. Apply for the position that resonates with you, get to the interview, secure the offer, then negotiate remote work as a win-win situation for you and your employer. Here are a few guidelines: Continue reading Negotiate the Remote Job You Want