An Entrepreneurial Lesson from Death Cab for Cutie

death-cab-for-cutie-with-blue-ribbonsWhen Death Cab for Cutie wore blue ribbons to the Grammy Awards a few years back to protest Auto-Tune abuse in the music industry their courage to step out was exceeded only by their relevancy to a wider audience.  Auto-Tune is a pitch-correcting recording technology that gives tracks that special, not-really-real sound correcting atonality not just on vocals but instruments such as keyboards, drums and guitar. In essence, Auto-Tune can put even the most out-of-tune vocalist or musician on key, in tune and even on the charts.

So many people auto-tune their lives and careers, always seeking to follow the prescribed path of conformity, acceptance and approval rather than performing a bit out-of-tune so as to improvise around their own uniqueness, dreams and true ambitions. Tribute bands try to perfect sounding and looking like their idols but only originals make the charts. The same goes for life and career. You can either resolve to merely ‘fitting in’ or step out and leave your legacy.

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