Andy Weir wrote his reinvention from software engineering to science fiction novels

As a teenager, Andy Weir aspired to becoming a writer. “But I also wanted to eat regular meals and not live in a box in an alley. I was a happy little cubicle dweller.” But, in-between programming, he continued writing as a hobby and decided to self-publish to test the waters. With a positive response, he then published The Martian which became a bestseller and was adapted as a film starring Matt Damon. The resulting success enabled Weir to pursue writing full time. Artemis, his second novel and also a bestseller, is following its big brother to the big screen. Andy Weir fulfilled his long-held dream.

“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow. Don’t wait for an inspired ending to come to mind. Work your way to the ending and see what comes up.” Andy Weir

It IS possible to find meaningful work, even later in life. It’s just a matter of how bad you want it, how much work you’re willing to put in, and how persistent you’re going to be to reach your goal. What is YOUR reinvention story line?

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