Top Ten 2020 LinkedIn Changes for your 2021 Career Branding

1. Record a 10-second message next to your Profile name to create audio appeal. This feature is especially beneficial for your Profile visitors if you have a hard-to-pronounce name.

2. The new “Dwell Time” method of classifying content and algorithm weighting based on time actually engaged on content can give you 48+ hours for your thought leadership content to gain new traction and visibility.

3. Combine Dwell Time with the autonomous post tool to build engagement and feedback on your topics.

4. Set-up video networking meetings and informational interviews directly in Messages on mobile with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Verizon.

5. Choose from six expressions or Reactions that you can use to more easily participate in conversations, communicate with your network, react to comments and increase your visibility.

6. You now have 2,500 characters to build your About section and enhance your career branding. 

7. Fill your Featured section with your arsenal of videos, multimedia, articles and website links to create high visibility.

8. Use the most recent version of the LinkedIn mobile app to share Stories using your professional images and short videos.

9. Take advantage of the full menu of skills assessment, career path insight tools and learning tools to add value to your candidacy value.

10. Content that educates, entertains, inspires and informs plus networking with the right people continue to be the foundation of engagement success on LinkedIn. 

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