Take A Career Lesson from Indie Artists

Only you can manage your career. It used to be when the world was younger that the company you worked for would train you, promote you from within, and basically take care of you all the way to retirement. That dream has ended. It is up to you and you alone to know what you want your next job to be, in what industry, what skills you need, what certifications are required, and how much education is essential.

You should know your value in the career marketplace and how to increase that value through a self-managed program of targeted professional development. Building new skills and transferring valuable ones are your career toolkit. Creating irresistible visibility and and findability so recruiters contact you for the role you want is not about waiting. It’s about making it happen. Next step career clarity is the lens you need to look through to move your career forward.

Musical artists used to wait to be discovered. Now they take the helm and record themselves, create their own artwork, book their gigs, distribute their music, do their own PR, and create a buzz. Instead of waiting for record companies to find them they’re now negotiating with them based upon the musical reputation they’ve built. Take the same ownership as indie artists do and you’ll be amazed at the opportunities that arise.

About Garrison Leykam, PhD:

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