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Unveiling the Triumphs of AI-Driven Startup Success Stories

In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, AI-driven startups are shining brightly as pioneers of innovation. These successful ventures are not merely businesses; they are exemplars of how technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), can fuel remarkable achievements. Let’s delve into the remarkable world of AI-driven startup success stories, shedding light on their achievements and the inspiration they offer. Continue reading Unveiling the Triumphs of AI-Driven Startup Success Stories

ChatGPT for Career Searching and Career Future Proofing

ChatGPT is an exciting and useful tool for job seekers and career transitioners to define their ideal job, identify companies that align with their values, develop personalized job plans, find opportunities, network, create resumes and cover letters, optimize application materials, prepare for interviews, and much more.

Beyond finding your next career it’s value is also in future-proofing careers. 90% of U.S. business leaders regard ChatGPT experience a plus, for both job seekers and current employees. ChatGPT improves work efficiencies in a multitude of tasks providing more time for higher level decision making and creativity. It can spark innovative ideas for new products and services and open up new perspectives to old problems. ChatGPT is the single greatest source for developing invaluable transferable skills that are in demand today. We just have to embrace the fact that it is here to stay and purposefully engage with it.

Author Garrison Leykam is a Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) and a Certified Chat GPT Prompt Engineer

The Impact of Technology on Business Development in 2023

Business development is the process of creating long-term value for an organization by identifying and pursuing new opportunities. The role of business development has become increasingly important in recent years, as businesses face a constantly changing and increasingly competitive marketplace. In 2023, businesses will need to be more strategic and agile than ever before to stay ahead of the curve, especially with the impact of technology on business development. Continue reading The Impact of Technology on Business Development in 2023

Covid-19 Has Redefined the Workplace of the Future

American multinational software company Citrix Systems, Inc. partnered with OnePoll to survey 7,250 employees in 12 countries to determine how their attitudes and expectations on work have changed since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Three findings strikingly illustrate how the workplace we formerly took for granted will be unrecognizable in the future of work. Continue reading Covid-19 Has Redefined the Workplace of the Future

Getting Back To Basics: 10 Signs Your Business Has A ‘Tech Addiction’

Technological advancement forms the backbone of modern society, but some could argue that too much technology has made us less productive. In business, reliance on technology has its benefits in speed, automation and allowing for communication almost anywhere. However, there is such a thing as relying too much on technology, and a business that ends up in this situation can find itself struggling to remain successful.

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How Unilever Uses AI To Recruit & Train Thousands Of Employees

Unilever recruits more than 30,000 people a year and processes around 1.8 million job applications. To tackle this problem, Unilever partnered with Pymetrics, a specialist in AI recruitment, to create an online platform which means candidates can be initially assessed from their own homes, in front of a computer or mobile phone screen. Read the article by Bernard Marr in Forbes 

Continue reading How Unilever Uses AI To Recruit & Train Thousands Of Employees