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carrie-mcnallyGarrison’s guest in this segment is Carrie McNally who knew from the early age of 6 that she wanted to be a police officer. As soon as she was old enough, she joined the Seattle Police Department where for the past 25-years she’s created and led innovative programs that benefit the community, the agency and the law enforcement profession. In 2014, she helped lead the first of its kind Refugee Women’s Institute to build relationships between refugee communities and the Seattle Police Department.  She also led a Women in Law Enforcement Career Fair in 2016 and is planning the next event in 2017.  One of Carrie’s upcoming projects will be the Future Women in Law Enforcement week-long program to bring 40 young women together with officers to provide leadership and career development. Detective McNally is also a member of the Line of Duty Death Response Team with the Behind the Badge Foundation to help assist families and agencies after a law enforcement line of duty death.  She also leads a public safety and military appreciation annual event called Stand With Those Who Serve.

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