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changizi-3Garrison’s guest in this segment is theoretical neurobiologist, science writer and author Mark Changizi whose research aims to grasp the ultimate foundations underlying why we think, feel and see as we do.

changizi-2Mark has written more than thirty scientific journal articles, many of which have been covered in news venues such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, USA Today, Time magazine, Reuters, ABC News, the Financial times, the Daily Telegraph, Scientific American, Wired and Discover magazine. Mark hosted the Discovery Channel show, “Head Games” and has written three ground-breaking books: Harnessed, The Vision Revolution and The Brain from 25,000 Feet.

Listen to Garrison’s interview with Mark Changizi:

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mark-changizi-harnessed mark-changizi-the-vision-revolutionmark-changizi-the-brain-from-25000-feet

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