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erikaheadphoto-2Garrison’s guest in this segment  is Erika Armstrong who has experienced everything aviation has to offer. Erika’s early membership in the Minnesota 99s (International Women Pilots Association) jump-started her career. She decided to turn discrimination around and use it to her advantage by filtering it through her humor and perspective. This attitude and obsessive focus landed her in the captain’s seat of a commercial airliner by the age of thirty. She also holds a type rating in Boeing 727 and CE-500 series aircraft and has extensive pilot training from Flight Safety, SimuFlite, NATCO, CAE, Pan Am and has flown 28 different types of aircraft. Her favorite airplane is the B727 with the Falcon 20, Citation III and GIIB close behind.

a-chick-in-the-cockpit-book-coverMost uniquely, Erika was an international corporate, cargo, hazmat, airline, Red Cross and 24-hour air ambulance pilot/captain. Her book, A CHICK IN THE COCKPIT, will change your perspective of pilots, aviation and the quiet power of women. In the high stakes, ego-driven world of aviation, this is an extraordinary bestselling true story of how a level-headed, self-deprecating woman with an aviation addiction finds herself in jail, her baby ripped from her arms, her piloting career taken away, and every feasible exit leads to a very dark place…


allchickcrew-2Erika is currently a contributing editor at Plane & Pilot magazine, aviation professor at MSU Denver, and aviation journalist for seven aviation magazines. Her articles can be found at Disciples of Flight, NYC Aviation, Consumer Affairs, Mountain Connection, Contrails, Plane & Pilot, General Aviation News, Mentor, Business Insider and Flying.com magazine. She has over 300,000 readers and is a Thought Leader with 130,000+ followers on LinkedIn.

books-and-brews3Living at 8,700 feet in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Erika can almost touch the airplanes she used to fly. The thin air and cloud touching provides inspiration at the computer keyboard. If she’s not out running her own business, teaching, belly dancing, kickboxing, organizing a Town Hall or board of director’s meeting, she is writing at her house on the hill with her family, friends, three dogs, rabbits, horses, guinea pigs and any other strays she finds along the way. She always has a spare room for guests so just bring some good stories and a smile.

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