Values: Our Career Lane Departure Alert

Identifying and living our life purpose come with the wonderful gifts we give ourselves to be authentic and earn a living doing what we love. It is exciting to set out on a career path in which our true talents are given freedom to emerge, express themselves fully and create a source of income.

When we pursue a career based upon our authentic life purpose, our internal guidance system, our values, keeps us on track, just like the lane departure alert in cars lets you know when you’re veering out of your safe path. Choices that we make that align with our purpose keep us moving forward to achieve our goals and don’t set off any alarms. Conversely, when we decide to do something that is out-of-purpose, our values send a warning to us, such as when:

  • The work we are asked to do conflicts with our sense of social responsibility
  • The office space we are asked to work in compromises our creative expression
  • Our colleagues are driven by company politics and not collaboration
  • We are asked to be unethical by presenting information to agencies or clients that is inflated and misstated

Unlike the lane departure alerts that are factory-programmed before we get behind the wheel, fulfilling our life purpose comes with the permission we give ourselves to:

  • Set our own standard of excellence and define success on our own terms
  • Choose who we want to work with
  • Decide the impact we want to make on the world

If you haven’t asked yourself today, “Why do I work?” and “What do I want to derive from my work?” then it’s time to get off career cruise control and start to navigate your future. Clarifying your values is a good first step that brings immediate benefits.



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