I love motorcycling. Riding has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager. The joy of traversing the terra firma on two wheels has continued well into my adulthood and motivated me to ride over twenty thousand miles of highways and main streets crisscrossing the state of Connecticut to research Classic Diners of Connecticut for The History Press.

Riding the custom DINERS bike with original graphics by my son Chris built for my Connecticut Public Television (CPTV) program earned us Top Finisher in the Big Twin Exhibit of the 26th Annual Cycle World International Motorcycle Show in New York City, Centerfold in New York Rider magazine, “Metric of the Month” in V-Twin magazine, a feature story and photos in Crossroads Motorcycle Magazine and placement in the Yamaha Star Custom Motorcycle Calendar as well as being included in the American Motorcycle Association’s “MotoStars: Celebrities + Motorcycles” exhibit and book along with alongside bikes from Brad Pitt, Carlos Mencia, Keith Urban, Will.I.Am and Peter Fonda and bands Journey, Rush and Foreigner.

Motorcycling across Egypt and journaling the adventure in a 2-part series for New York Rider magazine was yet another two-wheel thrill. Hosting and producing the podcast. “Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys” validated the extent to which celebrities and non-celebrities alike share a common bond with motorcycles and diners to the tune of 1.8M+ global podcast listens in less than a year.

Here’s where the road takes a fascinating twist. I experienced serendipity, the occurrence and development of events by chance, when my passion for motorcycling blended with career coaching and doing business coaching research on the emergence of self-driving cars. It was a revelation of just how many people in the workforce have careers in self-driving mode rather than than motorcycling the open road and discovering M. Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled. The skill, freedom and individual responsibility for both motorcycling and managing a meaningful career are threatened by the self-driving abandonment of one’s career to the control of others’ interpretation of success as well as fear of the unknown.

When we give up taking control of our careers and deny driving our destinies, we relegate our roles and responsibilities to that of being a passenger. Instead of roaming new opportunities for utilizing the skills for which we are most passionate, we relegate our destiny from the backseat of our work lives accepting only the view that passes us in the side window. Johan Huizinga, a Dutch historian whose birth aligned closely with German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach’s 1885 invention of the first modern model of motorcycle, held to a philosophy that could have become a motorcyclist’s mantra: “To dare, to take risks, to bear uncertainty, to endure tension – these are the essence of the play spirt.” His words are also a road sign directing us to discover a career that has purpose and aligns with our values.

Greek philosopher and polymath Aristotle predated motorcycles but he was nonetheless a proponent of a “get up and go” mindset: From [the fulfilment of the whole heaven] derive the being and life which other things, some more or less articulately but other feebly, enjoy.” The unmoved movers are, themselves, immaterial substance, (separate and individual beings), having neither parts nor magnitude. Navigating life and the world around us, including our careers, breaks us free from being passive recipients of what life gives us and instead fuels the hippocampus where our higher capabilities reside and from which cognitive maps of the world around us develop and guide us.

I encourage every individual who is dissatisfied with his and her career to take a rejuvenating road trip of realigning your work with your strengths and abilities and talents. There are career possibilities you have yet to discover and possibilities right around the bend if you’re willing to take the unmarked turn.

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