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Julia Milner on Successful Employee Coaching

Professor Julia Milner is an award winning practitioner and an award winning academic in the field of leadership who has been named in the World’s ‘Top 40 Business Professors under 40’. She has extensive industry experience as a Business Coach & Management Consultant – working with executives and international companies around the globe. Julia’s YouTube Channel ‘Working on Clouds’ tackles everything related to work & happiness. Julia has studied or worked with 25 Universities worldwide, across six disciplines and in seven cultures. She is an expert in the area of Leadership, Coaching and Positive Psychology. Julia has lived in Germany, North America, Spain, Belgium, Finland, China, France, Great Britain and Australia. She delivered a Tedx talk on the topic of ‘The surprising truth in how to be a great leader’ and her research has been featured on Ted.com, World Economic Forum, Harvard Business Review & The Economist and she has published with Random House.

Listen to the full interview with Julia on Java, Jobs, and YOU

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Coach Strengths Not Weaknesses: Lessons Learned in the Recording Studio

A frequent request I receive from HR professionals requesting executive coaching for managers is, “How can we develop better team leaders so that they can improve performance?” Ironically, while most organizations prioritize learning and development only about 1 out of 10 are prepared to address it and most don’t realize the degree to which an existing L&D platform can be contrary to moving the overall organization forward. Ideally, a robust learning and development strategy should be the foundation of performance and empower employees to drive better business results, elevate employee satisfaction, future-proof the business, enhance employee experience, and increase retention. However, it’s hard to realize those notable goals by starting out with a negative: Talent Gap Analysis. Continue reading Coach Strengths Not Weaknesses: Lessons Learned in the Recording Studio