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Jennie McCormick: School Drop-out to Noted Astronomer

In 2005 Jennie McCormick helped co-discover an unknown planet in a solar system 15,000 light years away. She was the first woman amateur astronomer to discover a new planet since William Hershel in 1781. A few years later she discovered a new asteroid. Jennie’s been a co-author of over 20 scientific papers, including the prestigious publication Science. She became an internationally respected astronomer by shattering the traditional walls of entry into the scientific community. All the way from the Farm Cove Observatory in Auckland, New Zealand Jennie shares her incredible career path on Java, Jobs, and YOU. Her story will resonate with anyone looking to achieve a life of passion, purpose, and achievement in any field. Continue reading Jennie McCormick: School Drop-out to Noted Astronomer