What’s your career “moment of truth?”

The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville is one of the world’s preeminent listening rooms that has gained worldwide recognition as a songwriter’s performance space hosting the likes of Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, John Hiatt, Kathy Mattea, Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill and Vince Gill. The tiny, legendary club is alive with conversation and comradery until it’s time to perform. Then, the “Shhh policy” goes into effect, designed to support an environment where both the audience and the songwriters can concentrate on the songs. Having performed at The Bluebird I remember vividly that moment of absolute silence right before I started to perform. Those few silent seconds were my personal “moment of truth” before sharing my passion for music with the audience. What career longing is in your silence? What passion do you want to transform into meaningful work? What will be your career “moment of truth?”

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