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In his bestselling Introduction to Personal Branding, Mel Carson  provides a short crash course (the book should take less than an hour to read or listen to) on what personal branding is and how to take your first steps toward perfecting your personal brand. The book provides actionable tactics you can employ immediately in order to start becoming more memorable within your career niche and grow your network.

Listen to Mel Carson on DESIGN YOU with Dr. Garrison Leykam:

Mel Carson is Founder & Principal Strategist at Delightful Communications – a Seattle-based Modern Marketing and Digital PR agency. His mission is to help businesses and people be more discoverable, shareable and memorable. The company applies branding strategies that focus on Content Marketing, Social Media, Digital PR and Personal Branding with a strong emphasis on people and not just pixels.

Mel has been invited to speak about Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media and Personal Branding at conferences and events around the world and his words and wisdom have appeared in top publications such as The Financial Times, Fast Company, The Next Web, Forbes, GQ, Quartz, USA Today, PR Daily and

Personal Branding – Ten Steps Toward a New Professional You has been getting rave reviews on Amazon, Kindle and Audible as well. His recent article, “How to Craft a Personal Branding Statement That Endures,” has importance for job seekers and career reinventors alike.

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