Skills make you Retrievable and Recommendations make you Believable

When you want to be found by recruiters and hiring managers on LinkedIn remember that Skills = Keywords and play a significant role in matching you to what a prospective employer is looking for. So, make sure you are taking advantage of all 50 Skills slots on your LinkedIn Profile and that your Skills are targeted to the positions you want to be found for. Like the breadcrumbs left by Hansel and Gretel in the classic Brothers Grimm story, they are the path for finding your way to your next opportunity. Once you’ve made yourself more findable, you want to always be proactive in getting Recommendations which substantiate your real-world value to a prospective employer. Your LinkedIn Recommendations can be a huge selling point for those who might be looking to hire you. After all, nothing makes you look better than praise from an important client, an old boss or a close colleague. Saying you achieved something is important but someone else saying it about you is gold. Recommendations add credibility and human connectivity to your achievements.


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