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tell me about a time when…

The office tv GIF on GIFER - by MazubeiThe hiring manager is impressed with your resume and you did well enough on the Zoom prescreen interview that the company wants to bring you in for an in-person meeting. You depart early and arrive on time.  You remembered to bring extra copies of your resume and are prepared to take notes. The interview starts off with some friendly small talk and then the interviewer says, “Tell me about a time when…” Your heart stops and you feel panic start to creep in. You make an attempt at a good answer but you know you’re stumbling. Take comfort: it never has to happen again. Next time you’ll prepare using the STAR interview method. Continue reading tell me about a time when…

The Résumé Rider: Increase Your Résumé Return

Almost everyone that asks my career advice comes to me with the comment, ” I send out lots of résumés but I never hear anything. It’s frustrating. What am I doing wrong?” Never hearing back from employers can be frustrating and it’s a common complaint for job seekers who are relying solely on job boards. Here’s how online job hunting ranks among other job search strategies: Continue reading The Résumé Rider: Increase Your Résumé Return

Aliza Licht on DESIGN YOU with Dr. Garrison Leykam

Aliza Licht is a brand marketing and communications executive in the fashion industry with twenty years of experience and a passion for brand storytelling, content creation, digital innovation, and influencer marketing.

Aliza started her career with editorial stints at Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire and ultimately spent seventeen years creating the global brand strategy for Donna Karan and DKNY. In 2009, she intuitively knew that social media was going to change the world. Before any other fashion brand had stepped into the social game, Aliza created an anonymous Twitter personality called DKNY PR GIRL. DKNY PR GIRL pioneered authentic voices in social media and ultimately captivated the attention of 1.5 million people around the world across platforms. In 2011, she revealed herself as the person behind the handle, which resulted in over 230 million global impressions, including a full-page feature in The New York Times. Continue reading Aliza Licht on DESIGN YOU with Dr. Garrison Leykam

What’s Your Career “10?”

If the career happiness meter goes from a low of 1 to pinning at a high of 10, I know full well what it’s like to experience both extremes and to feel the roller coaster ride when you extend the scale measurements across several decades.

I was blessed to live my dream of being in the music business at an early age by dropping out of college to work as a producer, engineer, songwriter and A&R scout for recording industry giant London Records for 10-years during the crest of the British Wave. Definitely a 10! But, nothing lasts forever (count on it) so when Dudley H. Toller-Bond announced that London Records was sold to Polygram Records the bottom fell out and I descended quickly to a deep 1; one of the worst experiences as well as learning opportunities I’ve ever had. Continue reading What’s Your Career “10?”