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The Résumé Rider: How Long Should A Résumé Be

A fork connects a motorcycle’s front wheel and axle to the motorcycle frame with what’s typically called a “triple tree” clamp system.  Most forks incorporate the front suspension and front brake allowing the front wheel to rotate about the steering axis so the bike can be steered. The fork and its attachment points on the frame establish the critical geometric parameters of “rake and trail,” which play a major role in defining how a motorcycle handles. Motorcycle builders and customizers often get asked, “How long a fork should I use?”  The answer is similar for both forks and résumés: it’s something you must decide for yourself. That being said, here are some recommendations for how-to determine the best length for your résumé.  Continue reading The Résumé Rider: How Long Should A Résumé Be

The Résumé Rider: Job Searching by the Numbers

Once a year, over 700,000 motorcycle riders and two-wheel aficionados descend into Sturgis, a city in Meade County, South Dakota pridefully boasting a population of 6,627, for 10-days of rallies, riding, raucous entertainment and reuniting with fellow riders. An aerial view of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally visitors and the disproportionate ratio of riders to residents begs comparison to the statistics of applying for a job in today’s mostly online marketplace. Let’s look at the numbers since knowledge can be a powerful career search tool: Continue reading The Résumé Rider: Job Searching by the Numbers